Nintendo NX Latest News, Release Date & Update: Game Console Coming Pushed Back?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 15, 2016 07:49 PM EDT

Nintendo has been hitting the headlines lately though most of it has been tied to the games they are offering. Despite all that, gamers haven’t forgotten the Nintendo NX game console which was originally pegged for a March 2017 release.

Understandably, the moment right now is the Apple-Nintendo hookup. “Super Mario Run” is the big news when Apple revealed the iPhone 7 and the all-time favorite has even been compared to Niantic’s famed “Pokemon Go”. So what is the real score with the Nintendo NX?

Does silence mean a delay?

Worth noting is that Nintendo has opted to remain mum on what it plans are, including some tied up to the Nintendo NX. As mentioned in previous posts, it was a no-show at E3 which Shigeru Miyamoto claims is a tactical move to avoid copycats.

But as Forbes points out, we are now nearing the point where Nintendo needs to come out with something credible for gamers to hold on to for Nintendo NX. If it is indeed set to come out by March 2017, comparing the time allocation on the release of game consoles just doesn’t add up.

From the looks of it, Nintendo will hold a simple event to unveil the Nintendo NX at some point in 2017. It could be this March or perhaps a later date. If there is indeed a delay, it will be nothing new. It has happened before but in a good way considering it is for the benefit of the game and its gamers.

Aside from the release date, the Nintendo NX is expected to bring back game cartridges and will be something portable though its power is in question. Both were tackled in separate posts here on Game & Guide

Considering Sony and Microsoft have done their share of dominating the market so far, a lot hinges on the success of the Nintendo NX. Delay is never good but if it is something made to make the game console better, so be it.

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