Pokemon Go Plus Latest News, Release Date & Update: The Lowdown On The Augmented Reality Accessory Revealed

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 15, 2016 07:52 PM EDT

The much awaited “Pokemon Go” Plus accessory is almost here, something that should help aid players in their Pokemon hunting. Expected to be released this Sept. 16, it will finally put to rest the speculations on what it can and cannot do.

Actually, some “Pokemon Go” gamers have already gotten hold of the Pokemon Go Plus. That said, some of the rumors previously tied up to the accessory have been confirmed and doused.

What Pokemon Go Plus brings

The Pokemon Go Plus functions regardless if it is the main "Pokemon Go" app in use or something that runs in the background. That includes instances when the phone is locked which should be a neat development.

That means that “Pokemon Go” players won’t have to worry about making sure that the game is actually running. This is something important for game features like hatching eggs. As most know by now, eggs can only be hatched when the app is running while players are walking.

No Special Poke Ball throws

It was teased before that the Pokemon Go Plus could be integrated with some form of simulated throwing, tied up to how Poke Balls are thrown in the game. Sad to say, there is no such feature present meaning no animations should be expected for "Pokemon Go."

Speaking of Poke Balls, the Pokemon Go Plus may eventually use other artillery present once players run out of them. That points to the possible use of Great Balls or even Ultra Balls in "Pokemon Go."

Other than those, the Pokemon Go Plus seems entirely much like what Apple had to offer with the Apple Watch 2. During the iPhone 7 launch last Sept. 7, the Apple Watch 2 was announced to be acting more of as a wearable that provides notifications.

While many expected more, it will be interesting if players will still pick up the Pokemon Go Plus. It costs $34.99 and one thing that makes it stand out is uniformity, credited to its design overall that point that carries the familiar “Pokemon Go” symbol.

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