‘Pokemon Go’ Release Date, News & Update: Ditto is in Pokedex, [BUT] Actually, No Ditto Placed In Game

By Mary P. Jones , Updated Sep 15, 2016 06:39 PM EDT

"Pokemon Go" players believe that Niantic did not actually placed Ditto in" Pokemon Go," although Ditto is included in the Pokedex. Based on reports, an image of Ditto can be found on the upper right side upon registration and after finding Jolteon, just waiting to be discovered.

"Pokemon Go's" Ditto has not yet been found. But while it appears to be a tiring topic for some players now, a number of theories have emerged, suggesting where Ditto may likely have come up.  

With reports of different people claiming to have found "Pokemon Go" Ditto, some players has become curious whether the rare Pokemon has really been found. Based on a YouTube video, one player claims that Niantic offered him a surprised easter egg, which when hatched, was Ditto. Although the video appears to be legit, Niantic reportedly took back the Pokemon.

According to one theory, the 10-kilometer egg when walked, a pop up will appear to indicate how to hatch it by feeding any type of butter. That said, the majority of players has connected the message to a likely hatching of Ditto. However, it is not clear yet how to put the butter on the egg or if there may be other ways to slide something to hatch the egg, Parent Herald reported.

Meanwhile, Niantic has recently added some useful and interesting elements called buddies. The new "Pokemon Go" buddy system gives players the option to choose a Pokemon that they can take with them on their adventures.

Besides appearing with the trainer, the player's buddy also helps in finding candy by walking a specific distance to collect a candy of the character's type. Based on reports, powering up a character will require a Pokemon candy of its type, which is the currency of evolution of their Pokemon; a large number of candies are needed to evolve a Pokemon.

Also, when a player lacks candy for a specific Pokemon type, the character can be chosen as a buddy and start walking to collect the required candy and develop the character without the need to find and catch more of that Pokemon, Pocket reported.

Watch first Ditto found in "Pokemon Go"(Ditto caught and gym gameplay)

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