PlayStation 4 Pro Latest News & Update: Sony Fires Back at Critics Wanting Native 4K, Xbox Calls Against Comparisons

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 20, 2016 05:30 AM EDT

Sony defends Forward Compatibility amidst bombardment of criticisms that the term 4K in PlayStation 4 Pro is misleading. Thanks to media hyping, gamers are expecting genuine 4K support from upcoming PS4 Pro.

To put 4K gaming resolution in proper perspective, current array of titles is operating under upscale 4K resolution. Meaning, a title that claims capable of 4K is actually just "fitting" the graphics in any 4K monitor. Sony clears that PlayStation 4 Pro will "replicate" the existing concept through another fancy term "Forward Compatibility." The debate began when gamers expected that PS4 Pro will provide the real deal.

Sony big boss Andrew House lambasts critics by defending the claim and reiterates that there is no misleading 4K issue in PlayStation 4. House said that the issue boils down to whether the console is capable of producing high-quality graphics, 4K or not. Current issue should base not on terminologies but gaming experience which will define if PS4 Pro lives to its promises, Game Rant reported.

Now to the base of the issue, gamers are expecting a lot from PlayStation 4 after Sony recklessly use "4K gaming experience" to define the console during product presentation. If there are any hope for native 4K display in future game titles, the best bet is Xbox's project Scorpio, according to PlayStation Universe.

In a related development, Phil Spencer of Microsoft Xbox airs dislike over too much comparison between PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S who sports 4K player. PS4 Pro lacks this important feature that goads it to shameless comparison. Spencer said that negative dialog must be avoided and console makers should focus on further improvements.

Meanwhile, it is interesting that Sony will release a standalone 4K module in 2017. There is no date yet about release nor preorder but gamers are already speculating that this could be the reason behind absence of 4K Blu-ray player in PlayStation 4 Pro.

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