'Pokemon Go' Plus Devices Cause Trouble for Android Devices; Smartphone Users To Play Old-Fashion Way?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 19, 2016 12:01 PM EDT

"Pokemon Go" continued to become the fan favorite all around the world. With the continuous updates that befall the gamers' laps, one of the latest promise seemingly did not deliver as expected.

As some fans may know, "Pokemon Go" has allegedly gone through some mishaps, specifically with the Plus devices. Surely, there is some explanation to be delivered by Niantic.

According to Science World Report, a number of reports have circulated the Web claiming some connectivity issues for the "Pokemon Go" Plus devices. The accessory was said to seemingly have a rather shaky connectivity, especially the Android devices.

This goes not only for the older Android models, but also for the new ones. Bluetooth is a requirement for the "Pokemon Go" Plus mechanic to work, making it so that the smaller creatures are also acquired and players will also be able to visit PokeStops even without the app activation.

Game Rant noted that the simplest way for fans to put the "Pokemon Go" issue for the moment is that there are various undetermined reasons as to why the error occurs. For the time being, fans are still rendered disappointed on the outcome of the update, especially if the issue is not soon resolved.

"Pokemon Go" Plus is meant to reduce the battery consumption of smartphone users and allowing a much easier means of playing especially while mobile. However, if the connectivity concern does not acquire a resolution soon enough, fans may have to resort to opening the app in order to play which goes against the concept of the Plus devices.

"Pokemon Go" has already started to pick itself up after a massive landslide of lost users in the past month. With the aid of the "Pokemon Go" Plus device, will there be rectification for the said Niantic Labs gold mine?

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