‘Pokemon Go’ Windows Phone Release Date, News & Update: No Sighting At Windows Store To Date

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 21, 2016 02:47 AM EDT

“Pokemon Go” continues to rise in popularity though its stock could be further boosted if the game makes its way to the Windows OS. To date, the game has been limited to iOS and Android users.

As mentioned in previous post, there are a lot of eager folks who would want to see a Windows Phone version of “Pokemon Go”. There is technically one available in “PoGo-UWP” though it will require the aid of the usual emulators.

Additionally, installing “Pokemon Go” on Windows will not be automatic. There are steps to be taken and such may need some technical expertise. The thing here is that the app will come less certain features though updates will be uncannily received.

Not listed on Windows Store

With no sighting of an official “Pokemon Go” app for the Windows Phone, PoGo-UWP will have to do for now. It should be noted that the unofficial app is not listed over at the Windows Store. It can only be downloaded at Github which gamers can check out here

Despite being unofficial, this is perhaps the closest that Windows Phone owners can get as far as installing the augmented reality game on their devices. It may not offer all the features but updates will be made available.

Speaking of updates, it does seem strange how the people behind PoGo-UWP are doing it. Recall that Niantic has been strict when it comes to access by third party apps on its servers so the setup begs to ask some questions.

That includes the angle of potentially seeing PoGo-UWP as an official app over at the Windows Store somewhere in the future, probably a foregone conclusion.

With no time table for now, “Pokemon Go” players who want to see how the game pans out on Windows can try it out and see if it is in step with “Pokemon Go” for iOS or Android.

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