‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 Latest News & Updates: Free Mining Gems, New Player Mode in September Update? More New Game Features Revealed

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Sep 20, 2016 11:19 AM EDT

"Clash of Clans" September update is almost here and the Internet has gone into an overdrive with fans anticipating major changes. New reports suggest that Supercell will be introducing a feature that will allow players to mine gems for free. There may be many other features included and the overall gameplay may also be improved.

While Supercell readies for the "Clash of Clans" September update, players anticipate lots of hefty features unique to the title. However, they will be on top of the world if the game development company really introduces the "free gems" feature.

After a loss of player base, Supercell will be looking forward to regain most of them. Its recent "Clash of Clans" cleanup drive, similar to that of "Pokemon GO," also resulted in many player accounts getting banned unfairly. Therefore, it is natural that Supercell is coming up with something really big to woo back its fans.

If at all Supercell does introduce the "Clash of Clans" mining gems for free feature (seems too good to be true at this moment), there has to be a catch, write iTech Post. "Pokemon GO" is going strong and it is only normal that "Clash of Clans" has to be revamped a lot to again take a top position.

The upcoming "Clash of Clans" September update is also expected to bring the "Clan Challenge" feature. Clans will be endowed with the ability to challenge other players/members. Players will be able to set up their war opponents and also control their own preparations and battle day durations.

This "Clash of Clans" feature won't by any means replaces the original "Clan Wars." In fact, players won't be able to issue "Clan Challenges" during ongoing "Clan Wars." This feature will also offer support for events and meet-ups that players organize.

As per International Business Times, the "Clash of Clans" September update may also bring a new player mode. However, details are not known about this addition. The existing modes of Single Player, Friendly Challenge, and Money Player will also receive upgrades.

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