'Metal Gear Survive' Release Date, News & Update: 2016 Tokyo Game Show Reveals Characters Down Wormholes With Mutated Creatures; Hideo Kojima Says 'Game Not My Idea'

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 21, 2016 08:37 AM EDT

"Metal Gear Survive" players are going to see their characters while being sucked into the wormholes, then brought to a distorted terrain filled with biologically mutated creatures. From there, the players must coordinate with everyone to survive in a hostile place. "Metal Gear Survive" is set to release on Xbox One, PS4 and the PC in 2017.

"Metal Gear Survive" trailer was presented on Sept. 17 at the recently held Tokyo Game Show 2016. Game developer Konami previously revealed that the Metal Gear series will get a wider perspective on the upcoming game title.

News about "Metal Gear Survive" was leaked by Konami in August, promising to release more at the Game Show. With that announcement, the fans were expected to receive a huge deal of info into the game, as the users watch the trailer live on YouTube, Express reported.

"Metal Gear Survive" is a four player co-op, which has taken a big leap out of the previous title "Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain." The game comes with an alternate timeline, which continues the narrative in the series, while bringing new elements like the massive wormholes in the sky. However, some fans were reported to be disappointed with the lack of explanation regarding the gravitational abnormalities.

Meanwhile, "Metal Gear Survive" received some comments from Hideo Kojima, the creator of "Metal Gear Solid," who left Konami in 2015. In an interview, Kojima denied the speculations that the game was his idea, referring to the use of zombies in the game. Kojima further said that if he had worked on the game before, the result may have been different, saying that there would likely have mechs in it.

"Metal Gear Survive" will not be offered for $60, instead, Konami said that the game will available within the same price range of "Ground Zeroes", which was at $3o, GameSpot reported.

Watch [Official] "METAL GEAR SURVIVE: TGS" 2016 gameplay demo:

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