‘The Last of Us 2’ Spoilers, Release Date, News & Update: Not Cancelled! New Characters and Plot Details Revealed!

By Luis Vincent Gochoco , Updated Sep 24, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

For weeks now, we have been hearing rumors that "The Last of Us 2," the sequel for the massively successful 2013 video game has been cancelled by Naughty Dog. Do these reports about "The Last of Us 2" hold any truth behind their claims? Let's find out!

Naughty Dog cancelling 'The Last of Us 2?'

Rumors of Naughty Dog cancelling "The Last of Us 2" started when Neil Druckmann revealed in Gamerant that they are now solely focused in completing "Uncharted 4's" single player DLC. He also stated on his interview with The Frame that the possible release date for "The Last of Us 2" is on 2021 and the public should not expect news of real progress until 2018.

'The Last of Us 2' Possible Plot!

As reported by Design & Trend, "'Uncharted 4' director Neil Druckmann has revealed that his next PS4 project is inspired by religious themes of destiny. Given his words, we might have the first plot clues about 'The Last Of Us 2.'" The reason why the statement of the creative director has blown up this way is because his next project after "Uncharted 4" will be "The Last of Us 2."

'The Last of Us 2' Has a Ton of New Faces?

In the same interview with The Frame, they have tackled the issue of applying diversity into a storyline. Something that Druckmann has already accomplished by adding a LGBT character for "The Last of Us 2" as its second main protagonist.

He has also revealed that they are trying to accomplish the same diversity and even more of it for "The Last of Us 2." He said that their team's lead concept artist has been pushing him and the creative team to put in more and more of different elements into the cast of "The Last of Us 2." Stating that diversity could be the character's skin or race and even gender.

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