‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Windows Phone Users Prefer Official Up Over PoGo-UWP

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 25, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

The wait for a “Pokemon Go” version meant for Windows Phone continues though Niantic has not officially hinted at anything to date. Right now, the best route is through third party apps which gamers may not necessarily approve.

As mentioned in a previous post, the closest that “Pokemon Go” gamers can have as far as playing the augmented reality game on their Windows Phone is through “Pogo-UWP”. It is not an app parallel to the iOS and Android versions though it peculiarly still gets updated.

Also, it would be worth noting that this unofficial version of “Pokemon Go” will lack some features for gamers to enjoy. If this is not a big deal for gamers, a copy can be downloaded from Github.

Is Niantic even working on one?

For now, there is no clear explanation on whether “Pokemon Go” will see the light of day through a Windows Phone. CEO John Hanke did discuss the future of the game but there was no mention of the game happening on the mobile operating system.

A petition was raised to bring “Pokemon Go” to Windows phones but the move somehow fluttered as it was unable to reach the required 150,000 signatures. The cause was only able to reel in 100,000.

No choice but “PoGo-UWP”

With that said, the best folks can do for now is play “Pokemon Go” using “Pogo-UWP”. The only problem of going this route is that it must be done with additional steps. Some may be too technical to handle and the process alone could discourage games on Windows.

If not, Windows Phone owners may have to wait a bit to see “Pokemon Go” ‘officially’ land on their devices. Niantic does have a lot of things planned ahead though it remains to be seen if a special version would come. The only other version for “Pokemon Go mentioned so far has to do with the Nintendo NX which is set to hit the market by March 2017, Den of Geek reported.

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