'Gilmore Girls' 2016 Revival Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: 'General Hospital' Carolyn Hennesy Character Predictions; Rory Most Affected? Luke, Lorelai Netflix Ad Best Campaign Ever!

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 29, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Variety validated on Thursday that Carolyn Hennesy from "True Blood" and "General Hospital" is going to be joining the "Gilmore Girls" Revival. She will have the part of Toni, member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). It was not mentioned though, exactly what her role with Emily is going to be anytime "Gilmore Girls" Revival airs.

"Gilmore Girls" fans just have to wait for two months to have a glimpse of the rebirth on Netflix. Considering that the premiere draws closer, much more reports as well as a mix of spoilers right from fans are emerging. They are also discussing the array of fresh and previous casts which are joining in.  

The outline claims that in the story plot, Toni has worked in the club with Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) for a long time. Hennesy can be labeled as somebody who loves to keep stuff organized and despises dissension.

Hennesy's participation in the "Gilmore Girls" Revival might have to do with Rory being with DAR considering that she departed Yale, Teen Vogue reported. Cinema Blend revealed a spoiler that this series would possibly bring one of its perfect side plots relating to the girls of DAR. Rory apparently committed her entire life for DAR after she was informed by influential magazine personality Mitchum Huntzberger (Gregg Henry) that she's definitely not eliminated to the business while still studying at Yale.

Meanwhile, "Gilmore Girls" revival is going to be broadcasted in Netflix, which they had confirmed on their Instagram post. In what is rapidly turning out to be be one of the best ad campaigns in history, Netflix has brought the chance to remind us all exactly how fantastic Luke and Lorelai are with each other, Gazette Live reported.

Particularly, the streaming service would like to ensure we are all aware of the amusing way the pair originally met, and exactly how ideal they are for each other. Generally, it is the perfect meet-cute anyone can hope for out of their favorite couple.

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