'Haikyu!!' Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Hinata, Kageyama Surprised To Be In Same Team Come Oct. 8; Best Anime To Watch In Fall?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 29, 2016 01:49 AM EDT

"Haikyu!!" Season 3 trailer showed Hinata had the surprise of his life as he discovered that he will be on the very same team as Kagayema. He declined to consider it initially, but once he saw Kagayema dressed in the identical uniform as him, he is left with no choice but to approve their fate.

"Haikyu!!" Season 3 delighted manga and anime enthusiasts because of its new twists. Just a couple of days to wait for the launch, numerous fans are determined to find out what exactly the creator and illustrator Haruichi Furudate can give at this point, BitBag reported.

The "Haikyu!!" Season 3 is still going to center on two characters Tobio Kagayema and Shouyou Hinata. Fans are going to enjoy the two personalities playing in the similar volleyball team, but the issue continually stays. Can they eventually learn how to become friends? Would they prefer to be against each other even if they are on a similar team?

"Haikyu!!" Season 3 previous episodes can be recalled to look into the cause of Hinata's desire to be a part of the school's volleyball team. He did it so he could accomplish his dream of becoming a successful volleyball player one day. For Hinata, in order to achieve this  he must defeat the King of Court, Kageyama.

Meanwhile, "Haikyu!!" Season 3 has been listed as among the most anticipated animes to watch out during fall 2016 and early 2017, HofMag reported. Its unique way of presenting a tale of a middle school student, who wants to be a volleyball player and at par with the little giant of Karasuno High engages fans like no other.

"Haikyu!!" continues to unfold as the little giant is not any longer in Karasuno when Hinata applies to the volleyball team. But still, Hinata looks ahead to achieve and exceed his idol by taking Karasuno to nationals.

"Haikyu!!" Season 3 will take part right after Karasuno and Aoba Josai's game. The series will air on Oct. 8.

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