Linux Unable To Boot Lenovo Yoga 900 & 900; Is Microsoft At Fault?

By Mary P. Jones , Updated Sep 30, 2016 03:12 PM EDT

The popular device developer Lenovo has verified the claims that Lenovo Yoga 900 and 900s unable to boot Linux OS but only Microsoft Windows 10. The new Lenovo convertible laptop, Lenovo Yoga 900 and 900s, would reject and decline any attempt to install Linux operating system, making users turn their heads to Microsoft as the suspect for this issue.

This matter follows the popular boiling discussion on Reddit's Linux subreddit page following and tackling the same issue. After accepting and managing the complaints on this matter, Lenovo announced their official statement and stand against this matter on Lenovo's discussion board and right after, confirmed that Microsoft had nothing to do with this issue. Moreover, there are notions that Apple's MacBook Air is way more better than the Lenovo, reports GamenGuide.

This issue about the OS started when an identity of BaronHK posted on Reddit about installing Linux on the latest Lenovo Yoga book in which BaronHK encountered being blocked by a locked solid state drive (SSD) which Linux cannot define itself, and come up to link the issue to Microsoft.

Lenovo explained further about the issue considering that value and quality to the users will be focused, and the matter is beyond the controller setup limitation which does not work with the Yoga design. Also, reviews relayed that the segment would incorporate new features, according to Notebook Review

Lenovo also verified that it does not intentionally prohibit customers from using the OS of their choice. Further explanations were done which Microsoft isn't involved, thus Microsoft not made any statement about this case.

Meanwhile, aside from the issue of Lenovo Yoga 900, Lenovo also faces the issue as it laid off more than 1,100 people to continue its integration with Motorola. Since 2014 acquisition of Motorola from Google, the Lenovo Company has laid off hundreds of employees which include the Motorola President and now head of hardware division at Google, Rick Osterloh.

Lenovo states that the said layoff are part of the strategy of the company to integrate Motorola smartphone business with Lenovo and its streamline products for the global market.

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