'Gravity Rush 2' Latest News & Update: New Game Will Feature The Story Of Kat

By Mary P. Jones , Updated Sep 30, 2016 11:59 PM EDT

"Gravity Rush 2" is going to feature the story of origin of Kat, the leading character of the game. Above all, people who went to the recent Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2016) got the chance to see some sneak peeks of the sequel's characters.

The most recent teaser released first in TGS 2016 revealed the clues where our leading character originates for "Gravity Rush 2." The upcoming videogame is going to reveal the mysteries about her and where she got her powers to control gravity. It even has a live stream archive, according to Gematsu.

What's new? The most anticipated game, "Gravity Rush 2" will feature a mode wherein the players could obtain 3 various styles in controlling gravity namely; the Lunar, Jupiter and the classic style from Gravity Rush.

The Jupiter Style enables Kat to be heavier, which gives the factor to increase the impact when attacking. The Lunar Style mode will turn the player as light as a feather which enables the character of Kat to jump even higher and faster movement.

Moreover, that the new trailer displays a lot of character for the upcoming sequel, the PlayStationLifeStyle announced. The characters that are featured in the trailer for "Gravity Rush 2" are Kat the Gravity Shifter (the heroine), the Delta Team, Kali the Guardian Angel, Durga the Angel of Destruction, and Night Gale. Plus, it features more about the world of Hekseville, and some sneaks about the world behind.

Meanwhile, "Gravity Rush 2" demo will be released by the Sony Interactive Japan Asia in Tokyo Game Show 2016 to those PlayStation Plus members in Japan this September 21, 2016. The said demo will be available to be played from September 21-25, 2016 at 23:59 JST. Some are even implying that the game has a gorgeous game play, according to Gearburn.

The upcoming "Gravity Rush 2" will be released out on PlayStation 4 in Japan, it will be available in Europe December 1 and on December 2 in the Americas and United Kingdom.Gravity Watch Rush 2 - Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer | PS4 below.

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