'NBA 2K17' Release Date, News, Update: How To Get Fresh Locker Codes; Orange Juice Next Dynamic Duo?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 30, 2016 06:46 PM EDT

"NBA 2K17" locker codes are now being awaited by the fans following the release of the basketball video game. However, the only codes reported to be released are those that were shipped through Walmart's Ruffle chips and the game's "Legend and Legend" Gold Editions.

Although some players reportedly shared a locker code a few days ago for the Jumpman T-Shirt pre-order gift, recent reports suggest that the offer has passed. But since the season has only begun, some codes are expected to pop up soon.

Most "NBA 2K17" locker codes are timed, which means the players will have to regularly check if they want to be updated. Based on reports, the official "NBA 2K17" subreddit is the best place to get information.

With the new NBA season about to kick off a month from now, "NBA 2K17" brings the revamped New York Knicks match against Lebron James and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers. There are speculations that 2K Sports may likely share a code in celebration of the occasion.

"NBA 2K17" locker codes are also expected to be released in time for the NBA's mid-season presentation, which happens between Feb. 17 to 19. Aside from this, the players may also find some information through the game's official Twitter account @NBALockerCode2K. Based on reports, 2K Sports plans to hold more locker code releases this year, The Bit Bag reported.

Meanwhile, the custom character in the game is best buds Justice Young and Michael B. Jordan. Both players reportedly want to be the next dynamic duo that will dominate the NBA, calling themselves "Orange Juice." Based on reviews, this shows as a meter being filled up during matches when they synergize with Young by helping each other's shots. When it is full, the player controls both at once, which gives more control to set up highlight reel plays.

However, this only lasts until the next rotation changes, which occurs two to three times per match, even for starters. This means the player can only benefit from it for two minutes at a time prior its resets. With that, players are hoping that the feature will receive improvements next year since it allows them to control the flow of the game in a completely new way, Business Insider reported.

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