iPad Mini 5 Launches As Predecessor Priced At $295 Discount

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 30, 2016 02:18 PM EDT

iPad Mini 5 launch date has been postponed to 2017 despite previous rumors claiming an October or November 2016 launch. Based on reports, Apple is likely to rename its compact device to "iPad Pro 2."

The iPad Mini 5, which is now iPad Pro 2, is now offered on eBay at a discounted price of $204.99. According to reports, the original price of the new device was $499, which means a savings of up to $295. The new iPad Mini 2 will be sporting a 32GB of native storage space and a Retina display.

In addition, eBay has announced that the original package may likely be distressed, and with that, buyers are advised to take note of the fact, even though the device is brand new and comes with its original accessories. This is the reason why a free 1-year warranty is also being offered by eBay.

Moreover, the discounted new iPad Mini 5, or iPad Pro 2, has two color exteriors - silver and white. According to eBay, only limited stocks of the new device will be available on discount.

In other news, a prominent seller "Quick Ship Electronics" is reportedly enjoying a 99.7 percent positive rating on eBay. Around 4,884 units of the discounted iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro 2 have already been sold out, and the customers could avail of eBay's free shipping service upon purchase of the compact device, The Bit Bag reported.

Meanwhile, amidst speculations about its release date, iPad Air 3 is set to be released in the early part of 2017. According to reports, the tech company is expected to offer a low budget device with amazing specs such as updated Bluetooth, Lightning ports and high-resolution display.

In addition, there are also rumors claiming that Apple is likely to release the device at a lower price due to the company's low sales in the tablet market, Mobile & Apps reported. The new iPad Air 3 is also reported to be offered starting from $390 to $590.

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