'Pokemon Go' Plus Release Date, News, Update: Out of Stock in Retail, Online Stores; 'Ditto' Exists, & How To Catch Legendary Pokemon?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 30, 2016 06:57 PM EDT

Pokemon GO Plus reportedly goes out of stock in retail and online store across the US following the game's release. While waiting for a re-stock, trainers are expected to look at how they could find the device at every major retailer and third party sales areas at base price.

The Pokemon Go Plus may be found in physical locations such as GameStop, although others believe that this might be unlikely. Nevertheless, trainers are expected to be best served if they head out to a nearby GameStop location in their area. In addition, every store is reported to be linked by the GameStop store page to its mobile numbers, which could be helpful to users who want to place a call before going out on a Go Plus mission.

Pokemon Go Plus units were previously available to only one online store - the eBay. However, reports suggest that purchase through this site is not recommended, as it is known for flippers and a favorite place for those with monetary damage purpose.

The device reportedly went on sale in Sept. 16 on some online stores such as Toys R Us, Walmart, GameStop and Target, but immediately run out of stock. Although Amazon has in stock through their third party sources, the prices are reported to be unreasonable, Slash Gear reported.

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Go's" legendary "Pokemon," including its locations remain a big mystery. With that, tips and tricks are offered to help find locate these rare "Pokemon."

Ditto is among the rare Pokemon characters whose powers can change his molecular structure, giving him a different form and shape. A theory suggests that Ditto is only hanging around, likely disguised as another Pokemon.

Recently, major details about the existence of Ditto in "Pokemon Go" were revealed by Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke. According to Hanke, Ditto exsts in the game, most likely in some form or way if not his real blob-like image, Yibada reported.

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