Title Update 9 for Minecraft Goes Deeper Than You Might Think

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 06, 2013 03:47 PM EST

We've known for a while that the End was coming to Minecraft on XBLA (the world that is, not the actual "end." This game is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down), and the world's titanic "boss" along with it, the Ender Dragon.

However, if you thought that was all that was coming with the Title Update, you clearly don't know 4J. The company tweeted last night that they have a few more plans to bring some of the PC version's features to the Xbox version, and ahead of schedule.

"The plan has changed a little, you will see more," read the developer's tweet last night. At this point, we know that climbable vines at the very least will be making an appearance in the next update, but the developer hasn't said much else of what could, or would be offered.

When discussing the 8th Title Update, the company had previously mentioned other features would come in a future update, which, aprt from climbable vines, would include:

- Sheep will be able to grow back sheared wool by eating grass
- Missing potions
- Ocelots
- Spawn eggs
- Iron Golems
- Activiation for The End portal frame (not officially mentiond as part of the new Title Update, but expect it, as it'd be kind of difficult to access the world without this feature

Given the size of past Title Updates, these features would only be the tip of the iceberg, but the company hasn't said just what players can expect. We'll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more.

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