Pokemon Go Plus Release Date, News & Update: Enhanced Gaming Experience Finally Here!

By Mary P. Jones , Updated Sep 30, 2016 11:26 PM EDT

Pokemon Go Plus already hit the stores and the nifty device can be used to play "Pokemon Go" without having to pull out a smartphone in public. Players can strap the wearable device on a belt, backpack, or on the lanyard bracelet for running, biking and other activities on the go. However, the teardrop device does not work by itself. The app must be open on a smartphone and the device simply connects with it using Bluetooth tech.

"Pokemon Go" players may now capture Pokemon sans their handsets. When a Pokemon is spotted nearby, the Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate and light up a color green. Then, players can hit the Pokemon once with a Pokeball (regular ones only not Ultra Balls or Great Balls).

If successful, the Plus will vibrate three times and show a rainbow of colors. If not, it will light up a red color. However, the captures characters may only be visible using a smartphone.

The Plus will also enable gathering items from Poke Stops and allowing capture of new creatures. The device will turn yellow and players need to catch the creature the traditional way using a smartphone.

Another feature of the Pokemon Go Plus is its ability to track the player's movement which is essential for the new Buddy system feature as well as for hatching eggs. The wearable device is available for about $35, The Verge reported.

Meanwhile, a new "Pokemon Go" update Version 1.71 hit the stores on Sept. 16. However, the latest update is still exclusive to iOS. Reports claimed that the update will follow for Android smartphones, iDigitalTimes reported.

"Pokemon Go" players reportedly felt being drawn back to the game with the release of the Pokemon Go Plus. On-screen notifications are said to be beneficial in catching Pokemon and receiving items. Overall, it is believed to improve the "Pokemon Go" gaming experiences for players on the go.

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