'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Accessories Improve Catching Skills Arriving Soon? Geolocation Feature Gives Clear Video Mugging Incident Details

By Mary P. Jones , Updated Sep 30, 2016 07:14 PM EDT

"Pokemon Go" accessories will be coming to add more fun and excitement to the popular game. These new gadgets will be helpful as well in improving the players' catching capabilities.

The Pokemon Go Plus, an accessory created by Nintendo, may either be clipped or tucked in the pocket or be worn around the player's wrist. Although the game may still be played without the Plus device, it definitely adds fun to the player's Pokemon experience.

Based on reports, the Plus device lets the players enjoy the game without unlocking their mobile phones, as it gives notification via a series of different tactile responses and colored lights. It simply attaches through the phone's Bluetooth connection. Also, the players get notified if Pokemon characters are nearby. Moreover, the users of the new Plus device may throw Poke Balls and catch Pokemon through the use of a button on the front.

Pokemon Go Plus was launched in September with a price tag of $35. Reports indicate a high demand for the Plus device that retailers ran out of stock. The next batch is reported to arrive until late October.

Aside from this, a "Pokemon Go" kinetic control has reportedly been made by GamerReality LLC that may be used to catch a Pokemon physically in the game. The device can be purchased through KickStarter for $35; the first batch is expected to arrive in December.

A "Pokemon Go" aimer has also been created that can be placed on top of the phone's screen, which the seller claims to improve the accuracy of players and could save several Pokeballs. The price is reported to be at $10 and may be ordered through this site, iTtechpost reported.

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Go's" geolocation features helped by providing clear details as the video captures the mugging incident that happened to a Pokemon player at a Pokestop in Sweeny Memorial Bench. According to reports, archived video of the assault shows a man come near Rickeybot and bring him down with what seems to be a punch or a choke hold around the victim's throat, ARS Technica reported.

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