'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: App Hacks Still Rampant; Authentication Errors an Effect?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 03, 2016 04:43 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" continues to be one of the most prominent phone applications to date that harvests attention from the fans. Despite being an enjoyable game to date, there are some scenarios which could be unpleasant to all the users alike.

Recent updates that included patch notes and the Buddy System may have collected another massive fan base once again. However, some fixes for the errors may be at hand as there are those who experience unnecessary anomalies in "Pokemon Go."

According to I Tech Post, the hype of "Pokemon Go" may be getting to some players that they have resorted to applying cheats to accomplish more from the augmented reality game. One particular hack or cheat that many utilized is that which permits players to go to a different location without the need to physically be there, under their control via a simple illustrated joystick.

This, however, may have resulted to utter repercussions lately. "Pokemon Go" players have reported being banned for reasons that vary. As per Heavy, one of the most apparent reasons for the error which says "unable to authenticate" is simply being banned due to using prohibited third party apps.

Other reasons include the device not being compatible for "Pokemon Go" at all, along with a reliable strong internet connection. As some may also be able to justify, there are some features for the app that are not permitted on rooted or jailbroken phones.

Regions are also a factor as to why connections are an issue in "Pokemon Go." For those who wish to rectify this scenario, some suggestions include trying to reset the device, as well as making sure that the account being used is indeed correct-some players may inadvertently logged in with different accounts due to using various devices.

If the "Pokemon Go" player was not banned, reports to Niantic are also an option. Fans are urged to forward their concerns as early as possible, especially if no violations were made at all.

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