‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Online Query Tool Aids Quest For New Nest Spawns

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 03, 2016 09:16 AM EDT

Niantic’s most recent update has changed the way nests spawn on “Pokemon Go”, meaning folks will have to do a lot of traveling once more to plot where they locations are at. Aside from the exploration, they will also have to take down new notes on what actually spawns there.

Much of this was expected and reported here on Game & Guide last month. As mentioned in that post, the big deal here are the rare spawns that could come up, something that most “Pokemon Go” players are keeping a close eye on.

OSM query tool may help

“Pokemon Go” players will thus have to get a move on though some are bound to be looking for alternative ways to know where they should be headed. Some may go beyond their area of concern but a simple tool could be of assistance,

The OSM query online tool comes from a Reddit user with the handle ‘nmitch3ll. The possible aid for “Pokemon Go” players is actually an online site tool where all one has to do is head on over to a certain page. That link can be found here.

With the aid if nmitch3ll’s tool, “Pokemon Go” players just need to find their location on the map that will come out. Once the ‘run’ button is pressed (top left corner), the site will do a scan of the area for parks, playgrounds and other usual hotspots where rare spawns have been known to happen.

‘Nmitch3ll’ explains: “People have seen a relationship to some nests being in locations that are labeled a certain way in OSM (OpenStreetMap). This query gathers those tags and highlights them using overpass turbo.”

The site should be a big help to “Pokemon Go” players who may not know where to start. It should help direct them to the right path, saving time as well before Niantic decides to do another random carousel on the nests for rare spawns.

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