‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Latest News & Update: Big Update Happens Once Gen 1 Legendaries Are Out

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 04, 2016 11:42 AM EDT

“Pokemon Go” is expected to release an update soon though Niantic has yet to officially reveal when Generation 2 will come out. Nevertheless, gamers are still occupied with the gen 1 version as they try to pin down the legendaries.

Again and again, “Pokemon Go” players have no credible idea on when to get hold of the Legendaries. As indicated in a previous post, this may happen only at special events and limited to players who have attained the necessary level to get a chance to the likes of Articuno or MewTwo among others.

Could the Legendaries be holding back “Pokemon Go” Gen 2?

Speaking of the “Pokemon Go” Legendaries, it could be somehow related on why Niantic has not yet given any reliable update to Gen 2. The belief right now is that the next update may only happen in 2017, filled with new features such as Pokemon Trading and Trainer Battles.

The only “Pokemon Go” Legendary that seems set for a release before 2016 comes to an end is Ditto while others potential roll-out could happen in places like Times Square – with reference to MewTwo.

Apparently, most of this has come from the rumor mill meaning they may or may not happen for “Pokemon Go” players. Until that happens, most will have to continue to go on the prowl and check out different places to chance at high-XP critters.

More region-exclusive Pokemon needed

Going back to “Pokemon Go” Gen 2, Niantic may have other things on the horizon aside from the new features and the rares. That includes adding some focus on non-legendary critters as well.

Most have come across that default critters like Pidgey and Rattatas so it may be high time to remix the low-end “Pokemon Go” critters for players to see. Could that be in the cards of Niantic?

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