‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: MewTwo Really Lost In New York?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 21, 2016 02:54 AM EDT

Last month, Game & Guide did touch on the potential location of MewTwo for “Pokemon Go” at times square. Everything was shown on video with people surrounding a MewTwo display along with a countdown timer.

In the end, the health of MewTwo was depleted and “Pokemon Go” gamers were able to catch him, Kotaku reported. Take note that all that was part of a trailer and hence something that has yet to materialize.

MewTwo Lost in New York?

Hearing about rare “Pokemon Go” characters likely up for grabs at special events is nothing new so belief that MewTwo may come out at Times Square isn’t exactly surprising.

Niantic has yet to confirm if such an event would occur though holding a special “Pokemon Go” event for the rare makes plenty of sense. If so, the event is likely to draw a big crowd and largely made up of hardcore players aching to add some rares to their PokeDex.

Are your leveled up to catch MewTwo?

Assuming that Niantic for some reason does hold an event, there are requirements to satisfy. Among them include the XP level which means that only high-ranked “Pokemon Go” players may get the chance to snag the Legendary critter.

Knowing that MewTwo is one of the big names on “Pokemon Go”, don’t be surprised as well if you end up needing a lot of ammunition (Poke Balls) to capture him. It is unlikely that players will be able to catch him with one throw so stock up on Poke Balls just in case.

How about other Legendary Pokemon?

Even though the sighting of MewTwo is unconfirmed for now, it would be best for “Pokemon Go” players to keenly monitor Niantic on special events. But aside from MewTwo, how about the others like Articunos or Zapdos?

John Hanke claims that the rares are out there but will not reveal where to find them. Hence, the only thing folks can do right now is skim their surroundings and hopefully come across the critters, even if it is just a sighting.

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