'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Uodate: Fans Possibly Too 'Hooked' on Title; Boy Killed in Britain Over Game, Query Tool Revealed

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 06, 2016 07:11 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" has continued to become one of the most controversial games to date, with the mix of both good and bad news circling the community. That being said, the better ones may just be the ones that fans are looking for, especially with the high demand for an accurate tracker.

Given that many "Pokemon Go" players had to deal with continuous tracking concerns, Nests and Spawn areas became critical attributes for the said augmented reality game. Some fans came up with solutions to such, namely third-party apps and that could potentially lighten the load in searching.

According to I Tech Post, a certain Reddit user by the name of 'nmitch3II' came up with a query tool that can aid players in tracing routes and finding Pokemon nests easier in "Pokemon Go." With the use of overpass turbo, the Reddit user said that the connections of nests in particular locations are being analyzed and aptly marked in the OpenStreetMap.

Tracking issues have plagued "Pokemon Go" since Pokevision went down. In this manner, the aforementioned query tool may lead to the possibility of a consistent capture or staying on the trail since some nests tend to disappear.

In other related news, Stuff reported that a murder took place in Britain over "Pokemon Go." 20-year-old Carl Gregory was said to have been attacked by two men around 20 and 27 years of age over the popular augmented reality game.

A tragic scenario to call, Gregory was attended to by paramedics but was no longer responding and was pronounced dead. The girlfriend, Chloe Lemare, was present the whole time and had the avid "Pokemon Go" fan die right next to her, who thereafter posted her regret on social media about not being able to save Gregory.

At this point, no blame may be directed at "Pokemon Go" as the particular actions of the fans are withheld by their own. There are those that opt to be constructive, though some may not see the light of the game as brightly.

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