'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Hard Time Finding Porygon? Here Are Some Places to Try Looking

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 06, 2016 08:22 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" is yet to surface more ideas in the future as there are those who see the game to have quite the future. Some gamers who may stay long are those eager to get the rare Pokemon, wherever and however they are to be obtained.

Fans of the game know how difficult it is to capture rare creatures in "Pokemon Go," with one Porygon to mention. The said multi-shaped Pokemon is can be declared as one of the hardest to find, but there are those who claim to know a secret in its spawning.

According to I Tech Post, "Pokemon Go" has made a habit of jumbling up the rare creatures as needed, in which Porygon affirmatively is. Players can recall that Porygon once caused a stampede in Rhodes, Sydney, Australia upon appearing.

As reported by Pokemon Go Hub, some think that Porygon typically appears around administrative buildings and courts as a pattern, wherein TheSilphRoad claimed to have unveiled the said sequence for "Pokemon Go." It was said that Porygon kept appearing by the State Division of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation or SEPAI, as well as the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Other "Pokemon Go" players claimed that Porygon appear most consistently around the massive urban areas, resulting in many encounters. Some statistics claim that over 378 Porygon encounters were allied all around the globe with thousands of spawns to note.

Generally, "Pokemon Go" players are challenged to not only work harder, but to also be wise in searching for such rare Pokemon. It can also be justified that other Pokemon, Ditto, has been announced as one of the trickiest if not the most, which even Niantic themselves did not divulge.

"Pokemon Go" is expected to soon give more updates to the gamers soon, most especially the rumored player-against-player battle and trading feature. Keep posted for more "Pokemon Go" news.

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