PS4 Reveal Last Chance Rumor Roundup

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 20, 2013 09:35 AM EST

Today is the big day. Sony's all set to (probably) reveal the next PlayStation at their "see the future" press conference. In light of today's event, we've put together a comprehensive list of rumors for the incoming console. Every attractive tidbit, disagreeable, suggestion, and discernable point of conjecture. All heresay, no confirmation.

The show starts today at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific. You can watch the whole thing unfold right here.

- Two different prices for two different models?
- Sony registers PlayStation Cloud domains - streaming games a possibility?
- PS4 to feature cross play with mobile devices - possibilities for the EyePad?
- Prototype shots of PS4 controller appear online - is this what the console's controller will look like?
- Possible PS4 logos - does Sony have something similar?
- Will the PS4 use Gakai to stream PS3 games?
- PS4 to cost less than PS3 at launch? - Other rumors have the console's price pegged at at least $400
- Will Killzone 4 be a PS4 launch title?
- PS4 facing a delayed launch in Europe?
- Controller to feature touchscreen tech?
- PS4 to sport a depth sensing camera?
- PS4 won't be backwards compatible?
- Racing game reveal coming for PS4?

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