Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, News & Update: 3 Screen Sizes With 4K Display, Surface Pen & More Features, Specs Revealed!

By Maui , Updated Oct 07, 2016 09:26 AM EDT

2016 is ending soon and Microsoft still has not released any official announcements for their upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Rumors and speculations about the device continue to proliferate. Recent reports say that it will not likely be unveiled this year and it would be delayed and rescheduled in the first quarter of 2017 instead.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 launch date may also rely on the processor the company will use. If Microsoft insists on using the latest Intel's Kaby Lake chipset on the upcoming laptop, it will be launched on 2017. Vice-president and General Manager of Intel, Navin Shenoy, said that their new processor will be coming later this year, as stated in our previous report.

Users might also have three different screen sizes to choose from, the 21-inch, 24-inch and 27-inch screen that will also have a 4K high resolution display. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will also have an improved battery life to support its new and much improved specs.

According to a report from Ecumenical News, Microsoft might be hosting an event this upcoming October 26 and there is a possibility the company will launch the much-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in the said event. The device will also have a 16MP rear and 8MP front cameras, 16 GB of RAM and a USB Type-C port that will make charging and data transfer easier and a lot faster.

Some rumors also say that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be having 2 models, as stated by UniversityHerald. The one will have a 2K display while the premium has the 4K display.

Aside from its display, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will also come with a Surface Pen that can be easily charged without wires because it will just be magnetically attached to its battery. Stay tuned to Game & Guide to know the latest news and updates for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

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