‘The Sims 4’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Game Console Version Shun Best For Business

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 07, 2016 08:26 AM EDT

With EA and Maxis seemingly dialed in to adding more content to “The Sims 4” (paid or unpaid), it may be time to accept the fact that no game console version is likely to come out.

This bit is not necessarily new since we did report on that before here on Game & Guide. For those who failed to catch that, you can read back on that “The Sims 4” report here posted back in July.

For now, the notable DLC expected to come out for “The Sims 4” is the “City Living” expansion pack. The added content is slated to be out this November where gamers will have to shell out $40 which is playable only on the PC and the Mac, Game Spot reported.

“The Sims 4: City Living” is another dish at trying to overcome the poor sales performance of the fourth installment. This was also singled out as the reason why no game console version materialized, not to mention placing the future of “The Sims 5” in question.

Best bet for game console version is “The Sims 5”

Speaking of “The Sims 5”, it is likely that plans for a game console version of the life-simulation game will have better chances. It is unlikely that EA and Maxis will spend added time trying to work on one seeing how it failed to meet expectations on the PC/ Mac versions.

Should that be the case, it all boils down to a business perspective. For a game that has faltered, it makes no sense to add a game console niche to “The Sims 4”. Rumors will continue but rather than poor in more investment on such, all that is best saved for “The Sims 5”.

 That said, this means that players will have to make do with “The Sims 3” which was the last game to get a console version. If ever there is “The Sims 5”, all that is not expected until 2019. Hopefully, it does better in terms of sales compared to “The Sims 4”.

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