'Clash of Clans' Latest News & Update: Supercell Updates Game With New Defense, New Content & Balancing and More!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Oct 10, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

"Clash of Clans" October update is already up and can be downloaded by players. The patch was finally released after so much speculations and guessing about when and what the new update will bring to the game.

Supercell brought many new features in the latest "Clash of Clans" update which include new content and balancing, new defense: Mortar, X-Bow and Hidden Tesla and new troop levels namely Dragon, Baby Dragon and Wizard.

For content and balancing in the October update, the bomb tower at Town Hall 8 was added to the "Clash of Clans" gamplay and there are 25 more wall pieces in Town Hall 11. Furthermore, players can expect a bit of revisions on Clan Wars loot and Clan XP.

Supercell stated that the bomb tower is very effective defense against ground troops. However, only players who have Town Hall 8 can have it. The Bomb Towers are powerful and fatal so the annihilation of good number of enemies is to be expected in an attack.

Moreover, for a long time, players of "Clash of Clans" have been voicing out their frustrations over the training of their armies, because it takes so much time to train them for battles. Supercell finally heard this and acted on it by providing fixes through the October update.

Now, training of the armies is a lot easier due to the changes brought about by the "Clash of Clans" fresh patch. But just how easy it could be? Players only need to do "two simple taps" on screen and they can already get two entire armies ready for training and battle.

Finally, another amazing new feature in the upgraded "Clash of Clans" is the friendly wars. Such type of battle can be done for a minimum period of one hour and played on 5v5 mode. At any rate, friendly wars allow clans to fight one another according to their preferred settings that are fully customizable.

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