‘World Of Warcraft: Legion’ Latest News & Update: Blizzard Game Played by 10 Million Subscribers? What To Expect With New 7.1 Patch?

By AASalvador , Updated Oct 10, 2016 06:23 AM EDT

"World of Warcraft: Legion" has not only been gaining popularity but it is now rumoured to be played by more than 10 million users. If the figures are accurate, this is a redeeming moment for the game since it reported a decline of 5.5 million gamers last November. Tom Chilton, the game's developer, allegedly said in an interview with Pixel magazine, that in spite of an internal competitor "Overwatch," the Blizzard's war game could still reach 12 million or higher.

However, in the same report, it said that Blizzard has a policy not to divulge the exact numbers of subscribers. They are confident that Chilton did not quote any figures relating to the users of "World of Warcraft" after the Legion launch. Perhaps Blizzard's game designer and the publication only had a miscommunication. However, the game is reported to have sold 3.3 million copies after the expansion launch. In 2010, the Blizzard game already tied with "Cataclysm" in terms of number of players, but began to decline two months after.

"World of Warcraft: Legion" 7.1 patch is named "Return to Karazhan" that features nine bosses from the original series. Players will be able to explore a dungeon large enough for five players. Executive producer J. Allen Brack, in an open letter, seems to excite more players as he said that the new expansion is just a "beginning of the journey" for one of the most popular war game. Sadly, the EP believes that not everyone was satisfied with the patch cycle "Warlords of Draenor." This time around, though, they will be releasing regular contents for the Blizzard game.

"World of Warcraft: Legion" 7.1 patch will also see the continuation of Suramar campaign while it adds new world quests to explore. The Blizzard game will open up the Trial of Valor Raid dungeon for more exciting game time.

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