'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Update: Are the New Patch Notes Still Coming? Game Continues to Decline

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Oct 11, 2016 06:14 PM EDT

"No Man's Sky" is said to be having a new update and Hello Games is currently busy working on it. Sean Murray is also deeply involved in the development of new patch since they want to give the best and get more players to play their game.

"No Man's Sky" had a rough start as gamers bombarded it with criticisms when it was first released. Hello Games took the negative assessments in a good light and they started to work on improvements based on the complaints they received.

"Over the last few weeks since No Man's Sky released we've been inundated with feedback and discussion about No Man's Sky," Hello Games stated in a post. "No matter what feedback you gave us, you have been heard and we are listening carefully. Thank you."

As a result, the team released a bunch of "No Man's Sky" patch notes for PC and PS4. The latest to be released was patch 1.09 for PS4. Then again, despite the DLCs, it seems that gamers are still not satisfied with the gameplay so its popularity is going down by the day.

Despite this sad fact, Murray and Hello Games are still trying their best to gain back players by working on more expansion packs. Likewise, the team revealed that a new patch is coming up, but since its announcement, nothing was ever heard from them again.

Perhaps, the Hello Games team decided to stay quiet because they are feeling down as "No Man's Sky" is still heavily criticized? The game's audio chief Paul Weir belied this idea when he replied to a fan asking why there are no new updates from Murray or Hello Games, "Sean is fine and we're all busy on the next patch," he tweeted.

Meanwhile, while the game developer is busy with developing the next patch notes, it was reported that "No Man's Sky" is now the lowest-rated game on Steam. Based on data, the game's reviews in the last 30 days are mostly negative.

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