'Pokemon Go' Latest News, Hints & Updates: Tracking System Problem Still Rampant; Is The Ban Inevitable?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 14, 2016 12:10 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" may still not have provided a solution for the alleged tracking issues until now, and things do not look quite better just yet. The proposed alternatives could do as they are supposed to, though the efficiency of such are being put into question due to some limitations.

Given that Niantic has imposed penalties or bans to those who opt to use third-party apps for "Pokemon Go," there are some who still see the need to use aids, given that the augmented reality title does not have its own. Such lack in the software may have driven the players to further improvise and create what is necessary to get by.

According to Forbes, one of the most crucial moves that Niantic did to players of "Pokemon Go" is the banning of third-party apps affiliated with tracking or scanning. Despite the rational banning of players red-handedly using bots, the way that Niantic seemingly handles tracking apps was considered awry and unjustified. Through changing the API of some high-end third part apps such as PokeVision, Niantic may have known how to handle situations of the kind.

As reports claimed, FastPokeMap was allegedly shutdown by Niantic after they enabled reCAPTCHA along with the update. This ensures that all third-party software will be locked out of the system, making "Pokemon Go" a little bit harder to play. It was said, however, that there will be a resolution to the reCAPTCHA issue and will have FastPokeMap up and running again soon.

Many have already attested to this particular action by Niantic, since "Pokemon Go" has never been able to provide a fully functional tracking system up to this day. Despite being already three months old, the title continued to release updates but none of which have resolved the basic issues of tracking thereof.  That being said, Niantic may be dropping off the map not too long now if the countermeasures for third-party tracking apps continue to be dislodged from the system-or until the company decides to make on of their own.

"Pokemon Go" started losing users as of late, presumably due to the many anomalies that the company underwent. For more upcoming news and updates, keep posted at Gamenguide.

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