'WWE 2K17' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Improved Graphics With Glitches Included Hurting Gameplay?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 14, 2016 01:30 PM EDT

"WWE 2K17" has finally rolled out but as most games these days, glitches remain. Much of the abnormalities cover the gameplay graphics, some which may put a smile on the face of gamers with others taking potshots on how a widely hyped game could come out with such bugs.

For "WWE 2K17" players who put premium on the games, some may be unforgiving. Imagine seeing characters or objects on screen moving independently or even resulting into uncanny situations that suddenly get them off screen and you may have a better idea on why critics will make fun and even share stuff on the web. A lot of them (in gif format) have been shown over at Kotaku though most expect them to be fixed at some point with some patch from 2K Sports.

Attention to detail

Do take note that most of the so-called glitches come from matches and scenarios on "WWE 2K17." That said, would it make sense to get into detail when creating or modifying wresters for the famed game? Imagine stars like Andre The Giant being edited to sport red hair or making some tough wrestlers sport a feminist kind of a look and players get the chance to play around with lots of pun intended, Forbes reported.

With tons of matches and possibilities, players may end up hardly noticing the bugs. But at some point and when "WWE 2K17" players are into it, the hilarious scenarios could crop up. Then again, these are only to be expected though gamers would not have much patience if all these were not addressed by 2K Sports at the earliest possible time.

Still a good game to get

Other than that, "WWE 2K17" is seen as a worthy game to get, particularly for the "WW"E fans. It seems to be a hit with the gamers and the good ratings being shown right now is proof that "WWE 2K17" is a great game to play as expected.

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