'The Witcher 3' May Get Multiplayer, Lose Load Times

By Michael Epstein , Updated Mar 12, 2013 03:22 PM EDT

"The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt" may include some kind of multiplayer component, according to CD Projekt RED managing director Adam Badowski.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Badowski suggests that, while nothing is certain, the developer is at least trying to add some kind of multiplayer to the game. "We're thinking about something," Badowski said, "but I cannot explain it now. You can expect some information later on. Sorry for that!"

The one thing he did confirm is that, whatever the team's plan is, it is not as simple as a wave-based combat arena. A wave-based co-op arena would seem like the logical choice for the series, considering "The Witcher 2" already had a single-player gauntlet, the Dark Arena. Badowski also shot down the idea of a "Witcher" MMO, citing the franchise's emphasis on storytelling.

"The Witcher 3" will finally achieve the fully realized version of the series, Badowski says. The series' transition to an open world, for instance, was what CD Projekt RED wanted to do all along, but didn't feel comfortable until this time around. "Right now we are ready," he confirmed. In "The Witcher 3" there will be little to no load times--something which plagued "The Witcher 2-- as players roam from area to area: "For transitions between plains, forest/woods and cities, it will be seamless," Badowski explained. "You can travel from one point to another without any loading, and loading is in the background, so there's no difference between woods, plains, castles."

That said, he also wanted to assure fans that "The Witcher 3" would still feature the series' fine-tuned approach to story: "We don't want to lose anything that we achieved in 'The Witcher's' six years. Don't expect too many sandbox, mechanical solutions in 'The Witcher 3.' It will be hand-crafted very precisely."

Clearly Badowski had a whole lot to say about his team's next-gen action RPG. So much, in fact, the he almost outed the next Xbox in the process. Considering that the "The Witcher 2" was released on Xbox 360 and not PS3, it seems like a foregone conclusion that the game will be released on the platform, given that "The Witcher 3" has already been announced for the PS4. When asked about whether it would make it to Xbox 720, though, he replied: "I cannot, err, I cannot... tell you." That's not a no, people. Badowski also could not outright deny the possibility that "The Witcher 2" may come to PS3 somewhere down the line.

All of this is part of a larger interview between Badowski and Eurogamer, which you can check out here.

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