'Battlefield 1' Latest News & Update: DICE Pumped Multi-Faceted Solo Gameplay, Then Comes 64-Persons Multiplayer

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 18, 2016 07:56 PM EDT

Being 14th in the series, "Battlefield 1" presents nostalgic first-person shooter with fresh approach in contrast to single-player mode predecessors mostly with mediocre plot.

It is safe to say that "Battlefield 1" is following the footsteps of "Battlefield: Bad Company" but intends to swerve in different direction midway. If others suck at storytelling, consider "Battlefield 1" as a league of its own. Developer DICE has finally solved the riddle of single-player mode and swerved away from mono-dimensional approach.

Remember the good old "Diablo II" with its solo protagonist stretching hours and hours of gameplay? Then Blizzard made "World of Warcraft" with several protagonists divided into multiple intertwined adventures? DICE made "Battlefield 1" same as the latter with stories telling the heroism of different men and women during World War 1, Polygon said.

Further, "Battlefield 1" ingeniously varied the plots. The character could sometimes be a hide-and-seek specialist trying to survive. Then he could be a hit-and-run guerilla fighter in the next or sometimes just a plain war freak looking for bloodbath. DICE made this possible by creating multiple unrelated heroes stretched across different chapters of the war. Comparably, previous installments offers continuity with solo protagonist.

Now here is a good insight about "Battlefield 1" gameplay, the first skirmish after prologue is called "Through Mud and Blood." The plot focuses on 1918 Battle of Cambrai where a small British tank regiment surmised all odds to survive. GQ Mag described the experience as realistically slow in contrast to bastardized speed the other titles offer just to upbeat gameplay.

Make no mistake about it, "Battlefield 1" also presents equally compelling multi-player mode. In fact, DICE stepped ahead further with mind-boggling 64-player option. There is no feedback yet from gamers who tried this co-op mayhem but just imagine a platoon of players in a single campaign. In fact, DICE calls this feature as primary draw and flagship for "Battlefield 1."

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