iPhone 7 Latest News & Updates: LTE Connectivity Problems Finally Fixed With iOS 10.0.3 Update

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 19, 2016 11:16 PM EDT

Following reports that iPhone 7 owners are encountering LTE connectivity problems and eventually relegated to 3G, the latest iOS 10.0.3 may finally resolve the problem. The issue plagued T-Mobile subscribers and the mobile carrier eventually advised most not to apply iOS 10 until the issue had been resolved.

iOS 10 seems to be plagued with problems so far, ranging from security threats and now iPhone 7 features. Voice over LTE calls was no good and users ended up with disconnected lines with for no apparent reason.

An alternative was done by some iPhone 7 owners which involved turning Airplane mode on and off at times when the problem persisted. Though the fix may have worked, the fact remains that such should not be the case especially for a new iPhone and new mobile operating system.

iOS 10.0.3 hopes to address the problem with the latest operating system seemingly targeting the buggy iPhone 7 units. While it may address the current problem for the Apple flagship, there is no word on what other features that iOS 10.0.3 may bring, Forbes reported.

One feature expected to be addressed is the security breach tied up to iTunes which allows hackers to gain access. As mentioned in a previous post, this had to do with the discovery by Elcomsoft which could compromise phone backups.

Chances are that iOS 10.0.3 may have already popped up on devices as we speak. If not, iPhone 7 owners can head on over to their phone settings and tap on the Software update to see if iOS 10.0.3 is available for download. The update can also be applied via iTunes which hopefully address a majority of the issues that Apple owners have to deal with to date.

Previous issues addressed included the call audio issues addressed by iOS 10.0.2 as well as some minor problems encountered but eventually patched by iOS 10.0.1.

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