‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Update Improves Capture Rates, Enhances ‘Pokemon Go Plus’ Functionality

By RG Ferrer , Updated Oct 20, 2016 05:54 AM EDT

A latest game patch deployed by Niantic for its highly popular mobile gaming app "Pokemon Go" has made capturing specific Pokemon monsters a little easier. Apart from an improved capture rate, the company also added a few enhancements to the "Pokemon Go Plus" watch.

"Pokemon Go" players may have noticed the small improvements that Niantic introduced in its latest game patch. Aside from minor bug fixes, a new capture bonus was added that rewards players with a small buff if they catch a specific number of same type Pokemon monsters.

Niantic did not disclose its new capture bonus matrix and details of the reward. Some reports hinted of a tiered reward table that offers higher catch bonuses depending on the number of captured Pokemon that belongs to the same type.

However, the Italian version of "Pokemon Go" recently provided an interesting clue to Niantic's new reward. The new capture bonus is said to be a 3 percent buff when catching Pokemon monsters, Forbes reported.

It is unclear if the said capture rate is only applicable in Italy or to other countries. However, initial review of the said feature appears to yield a higher percentage. The same report highlighted a gameplay observation where some creatures were caught with 1-2 normal Pokeballs as compared to a previous quantity of 3-4 balls.

Meanwhile, Niantic also added some new features that improved the functionality of the "Pokemon Go Plus" accessory. The device now has more options that can help gamers with specific tasks such as gathering Pokeballs and more, Game Rant reported.

Players can choose to maximize their "Pokemon Go Plus" watch to focus on monsters sightings while ignoring Pokestops, as well as disable buddy Pokemon notices without having to open the mobile gaming app. The hardware can also be programmed to simply collect Pokeballs from Pokestops.

Despite the enhancements, some players may still be hesitant to try out the said accessory's features. Previous reports have identified a few issues, as well as suggested improvements to make the "Pokemon Go Plus" watch a valued peripheral for the game.

"Pokemon Go" was released in July to selected markets such as Australia, U.S. and New Zealand. Learn how to battle a friend in the tutorial clip below:

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