iPad Air 3 Release Date, News & Update: Apple Completely Stopping Production? Smart Keyboard Cover, Impressive Features, Specs & Prices Finally Revealed!

By Maui , Updated Oct 20, 2016 10:39 AM EDT

iPad Air 3 is probably one of the most anticipated device to arrive this year. A lot of rumors and speculations are spreading about the device because Apple remained tight lipped about its developments. There are even rumors saying that Apple might put an end to iPad Air.

This speculation started when Apple released an iPad Pro 9.7. Critics say that it would be simpler to just stick with the "Pro" line. However, Apple fans predicted that the iPad Air 3 will be launched this month, probably in the upcoming Apple event on October 27.

The prediction is based on the trend on when Apple would launch its latest tablets. The first iPad Air that was launched was announced on Oct. 22, 2013 but it was released on the following month. The iPad Air 2 was announced on Oct. 16 2014 together with the iPad Mini 3 and both were officially released on Oct. 22, 2014.

According to a report, fans speculated that the iPad Air 3 with 16GB storage might cost for around $650 to $700, and the price of 32GB model can be over $750. Fans can also expect that the device will lighter and thinner compared to the previous models.

As previously stated, the iPad Air 3 might be featuring a Smart Keyboard Cover. This new feature will be easily connected to a smart connector that is located on the left side edge of the device. The smart connector will enable the keyboard cover to drag the power from the iPad Air 3's battery.

Tech critics have already noticed that the tablet's sales in the global market has dropped. Some reports say that this is due to the several smartphone or tablet-like phones that are surfacing these days. Delaying the iPad Air 3's launch might actually be Apple's strategy. The company might just be waiting for the right time to launch its latest tablets.

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