‘World of Warcraft’ News & Update: Discovery of Strong Boss In New Patch 7.1 Excites Gamers!

By Pavz Orpiana , Updated Oct 20, 2016 10:46 AM EDT

Blizzard's latest announcement of the expansion of "World of Warcraft" Patch  7.1 on October 25 gives way to the discovery of a strong boss. The anticipation for new pets, new raids, and the return of Karazhan dungeon are now added to the fans' excitement of the things that could come their way.

Endgineer Omegaplugg, a supposed secret boss that can be found at the end of the low-level dungeon in Gnomeregan has been discovered. The secret super boss in "World of Warcraft" is solely for a max-level player. It was discovered by the Reddit user Nexeoes, while exploring the test server of Patch 7.1. The Gnomeregan dungeon is a new dungeon that has been modified over the years by Blizzard.

According to IGN, the Gnomeregan previously had a red button that can be ticked to defeat the boss and to stop it from throwing bombs. With the recent patch, the red button will be no longer useful, but there will be another hidden button that you can tick to reveal the final boss. The Endgineer Omegaplugg final boss found in Gnomeragan's "World of Warcraft" has 207 million health and can kill players with one target hit. 

Moreover, Nexeoes posted on Reddit that there are five bosses that will continuously throw bombs and will damage the character of a player. He pointed out that the strategy is to "bring the boss to the entrance of the room, and the bombs will funnel towards the tank. Have dps and healer wait outside the entrance and just dps the boss." Also, Nexeoes explained that the secret super boss of Gnomeregan in "World of Warcraft" will be killed by the AOE's. "I believe it's the aoe's the boss does kill the bombs. If the bombs are close enough, they blow up and hurt the boss."

In addition, Nexeoes mentions about a toy of the Vial of Green Goo will be dropped by the secret boss in "World of Warcraft" once he gets killed. This item will let the character turn into a Leper Gnome that can cool down for 10 minutes then the effect will reverse back.

The discovery of the secret boss in Patch 7.1 for "World of Warcraft" is seen on Blizzard's test server by exploring the Gnomeregan dungeon, the not so popular dungeon. However, there are items that can only be found inside that dungeon. Keep exploring! 


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