'Super Mario 3D' Latest News & Update: Will There be Real 3D Mario in Nintendo Switch?

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 21, 2016 08:41 PM EDT

Nintendo Switch cleared that whatever titles did gamers saw in reveal video during product unveiling were just "representative" of what this new hybrid console can do. Meaning, the canonically dubbed "Super Mario 3D" still hangs by a thread.

However, it is fair to provide description of "Super Mario 3D" if by any chance there are those who missed this heartbreaking clarification. The whole point behind is probably anchoring behind the fact that Super Mario is Nintendo's mascot. Therefore, this vintage character was shown jumping and stumping in apparently unknown platform.

This premise led gamers to believe that there is "Super Mario 3D" in existence and it might grace Nintendo Switch's release. According to PowerUp Gaming, the safest way to brace against potential disappointment is to think that Switch's Mario can go both ways. The good side is when Nintendo finally announce that it is going to be a flagship title. Then the worse when it was just a simple tease for tease's sake - a mockup to make the video look grand.

On the contrary, AusGamers believe that there are credible indicators that "Super Mario 3D" is on its way. Faith on this conclusion resides in observation that there is no authentic 3D Mario anywhere. They also cite specific segment in Nintendo Switch reveal when Mario replicated his "Super Mario 64" triple jump trademark.

To recall, Nintendo Wii sports Super Mario Galaxy and the game easily transcended into superstardom albeit absence of 3D feature. Few months later, gamers thought that Nintendo WiiU will quench the thirst for real deal, only to end in frustration. Remember that WiiU is capable should "Super Mario 3D" came to fruition.

So the antidote for the meantime? Live up to ethos that gamer should expect nothing so as not to get disappointed. Yes, the video in question shows "Super Mario 3D" in unknown territory but nothing is sure yet. Mario was seen jumping in a barren land but colorful environ in Switch's trailer. In the end, gamers took this as a beacon towards believing inevitable 3D version.

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