PlayStation 4 Pro Latest News, Release Date & Update: Console Architect Reveals Additional Gigabyte of RAM for PS4 Pro! More Details Here

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Oct 22, 2016 10:54 AM EDT

The PlayStation 4 Pro had been announced for quite some time now. With the looming public release, the new gaming console does nothing but to impress the fans with its features and specs.

An Extra Gigabyte of RAM

Sony had just announced that the PlayStation 4 Pro comes with an extra 1GB of RAM. This detail was revealed by the division's lead architect Mark Cerny. In a report by IGN, Cerny had revealed that the PlayStation Pro is still a part of the PlayStation 4 lineup, the tech giant took a different turn in upgrading the hardware.

Sony then took it to their hands to slightly increase the console's memory, as opposed to the significant upgrades that are typically incorporated in any device's shift to a new generation. Cerny explained that the department had felt that more and more games have been demanding more memory, which clocks in at about 10 percent more. This is why the company decided to add 1GB of conventional DRAM to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Advanages of the Extra Memory

Cerny then points out that a feature on the original PlayStation 4 allows for fast swapping between the apps. He said that when moving from an application to a game, the application will be remaining at the system memory.

On the PlayStation 4 Pro, however, this feature is moved up to that extra gigabyte of RAM when swapping to a game. This would then allow the console to free up an entire 1GB of the consoles native 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

With this feature, the PlayStation 4 Pro games can then use an additional free RAM of up to 512 MB. This means that the games could use up to 5.5GB in total on the PlayStation 4 Pro, as the rest of the memory would be dedicated to the interface. This will help games in their buffering and in rendering high resolution and quality graphics or game elements.

Release Details

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be released to the public on November 10 for $399. It will stand alongside the original PlayStation 4 in the lineup, enhancing the console with 4K resolution and HDR capabilities.

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