‘Star Wars Battlefront’ News & Updates: Ultimate Edition Boasts Complete DLC Package! Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Game Confirmed? Find Out Here!

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Oct 23, 2016 10:12 AM EDT

"Star Wars Battlefront" has been one of the most talked-about games this year. With its jaw-dropping graphics, beautiful sound design, and immersive levels, every gamer knows what the latest installment of the Battlefront series brings to the table. Fans of the game have undoubtedly wanted more from the Star Wars experience, and the impending Ultimate Edition of the latest Battlefront could prove just what the doctor ordered. On the flip side, could a possible Battlefront sequel be on the horizon sooner than we expected?

According to VG24/7, Electronic Arts has been rumored to be planning to release a compilation of "Star Wars Battlefront" along with all its available downloadable content. Reports have now confirmed that the "Star Wars Battlefront" Ultimate Edition is now official and will be available sometime in November. The Ultimate Edition will retail for $40 and will be available for both the PS4 and the Xbox One respectively.

As per the official website for EA's "Star Wars Battlefront," the Ultimate Edition will come bundled with all the free DLC, miscellaneous add-ons, a fully blown Season Pass for future expansions, and its four big expansion packs. These packs will include Battlefront's big four in Death Star, Outer Rim, Bespin, and the hotly anticipated Rogue One: Scarif. These expansions and add-ons will total to over a whopping 30 maps, 14 extra game modes, and 14 heroes; giving the player a lot more to work to add to the standalone title.

In other developments, EA officially confirmed that PS4 gamers that purchased "Star Wars Battlefront" will be granted the opportunity to play the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Rogue One virtual reality mission "X-Wing," free of charge. The Rogue One tie-in will be available around the holiday season and is expected to deliver new in-game events, Star Wars giveaways, and a complete 4X musical score. It will also come with a free DLC trial event that will start November 18 until November 20 of this year.

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