'Street Fighter 5' News & Update: New Modes, Challenges Coming In DLC? Halloween Themes Will Come To An End?

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Oct 23, 2016 11:21 AM EDT

Just when you thought "Street Fighter 5" was hard enough on online multiplayer and whatnot, comes a rumor of a challenge mode happening in a future DLC. Capcom hasn't yet confirmed this, but it seems as though it's likely to happen. A lot of "Street Fighter 5" fans have been waiting a long time for an Arcade Mode, at least, to come to the home versions of the game.

We've heard some word before of a challenge mode or an arcade mode coming to "Street Fighter 5," after it was leaked on the NeoFighters forum by someone with some apparently credible sources. According to these leaks, the challenges will be daily in nature, and they will involve the different modes of the game. Expect to be playing more of Story and Survival modes as you fight to complete these challenges and earn rewards. Some of them might even involve execution of some simple moves during a fight.

Capcom still hasn't confirmed any new modes coming up for "Street Fighter 5," however. They did reveal a mode called Extra Mode a while back, though, and it's possible that one of the leaked modes and concepts could be this Extra Mode.

As for the Halloween-themed DLC that unlocked some sweet new character skins in "Street Fighter 5," these extras are only available until November 29. That's actually pretty long and edging closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas for a Halloween update. According to Polygon, you can buy Halloween skins for Ryu, Cammy, Vega, Charlie, Alex, Juri, and Necali for $3.99 per costume. The DLC also includes a Halloween stage, with Necro and Effie from "Street Fighter 3" making minor cameos, for only $1.99 or 40,000 Fight Money.

Stay tuned for further "Street Fighter 5" updates here on GamenGuide. If a DLC with new modes and challenges is indeed coming, you'll be the first to know here!

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