‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Teases Halloween Event; More Ghostly Type Pokemon To Spawn During Holiday?

By RG Ferrer , Updated Oct 24, 2016 10:44 AM EDT

Avid gamers of the popular mobile gaming app "Pokemon Go" may soon see more ghostly-type Pokemon monsters in the wild. A recent announcement teased of Niantic's potential plans for a Halloween event.

"Pokemon Go" players have been clamoring for more features, enhancements and events that will improve their gaming experience. Niantic may be poised to introduce its first event, as evidenced by a recent message posted on the game's official Facebook page.

In the said social media post, Niantic hinted that players may encounter more Pokemon monsters in the days leading to Halloween. Given the company's holiday-themed announcement, speculations of a Halloween event soon surfaced.

However, the company did not include other details apart from the increased Pokemon spawnings in its Facebook post. Niantic only teased of "more Pokemon [sightings] in the real world" during the upcoming holiday, as well as a quick mention of the AR camera's functionality.

Despite Niantic's silence on the highly anticipated Halloween event, some reports suggested a few holiday-themed rewards and gameplay features that may introduced to "Pokemon Go." Some of the recommendations include increased appearances of ghostly-type Pokemon monsters, candy bonuses and special in-game accessories for trainers.

In other news, Niantic recently its latest patch update for "Pokemon Go." Game developers have added special icons to reveal a Pokemon monster's classification or type, Nintendo Insider reported. Appearing on each Pokemon monster's information screen, players can now identify if a creature belongs to the fire category or the water type family through the said icon.

Other updates include different patterned Eggs where each design will serve as an indication of the distance needed to hatch it. Meanwhile, the company also addressed minor text issues in "Pokemon Go."

Niantic's latest update also included a small enhancement for the gaming peripheral, the "Pokemon Go" Plus. Game developers have incorporated a low battery indicator to the said gaming device.

The new "Pokemon Go" update was released on Oct. 23, Sunday. Learn how to find a rare nest in the clip below:

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