‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Release Date, News, & Updates: Mega Evolution, Developers Explain Why They Decided To Forego Popular Feature

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Oct 25, 2016 08:13 PM EDT

The Pokemon franchise is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most successful video game franchises of all-time. From the early days of the original Gameboy to the most recent Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon games have been essential mainstays in Nintendo's collection of heavy-hitting titles. With the upcoming release of "Pokemon Sun & Moon," the newest installments in the series, fans are hyping up to get back into the world of Pocket Monsters and Gym Leaders. But what does this new installment have to offer to its avidly loyal fan base?

According to Techno Buffalo, the demo version of the game is currently available to play, if a fortunate future poke-trainer manages to find it somewhere in the digital wild. The demo seemingly has everything a Pokemon fan would want in the new game; classic elements such as wild grass, catchy music, and a variety of Pokemon to catch and train. However, one of the key elements of the newer games will apparently not be available in "Pokemon Sun & Moon," that element being mega evolutions.

As reported by Euro Gamer, "Pokemon Sun & Moon" lead director Junichi Masuda sat down with the European publication to explain why the mega evolution mechanic was scrapped. Masuda explains the shift in focus from mega evolutions to Z-moves, a sort of special ability that every Pokemon is capable of performing.

Machuda goes on to add that the developing team decided to focus on Z-moves this time around because it provides the opportunity for Pokemon trainers to use the Pokemon they actually want to use. He claims that with this feature in "Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon," trainers "can focus on their favorites in battle." Machuda and his team want to give trainers a chance to use their favorites even more, and give every Pokemon a chance to shine, including "even those which perhaps weren't so popular before."

Are you disappointed with the lack of mega evolutions in "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon?" What do you think about Pokemon Z-Moves for this game and moving forward in the franchise?

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