‘The Division’ News & Update: 1.4 Patch Update To Significantly Change Player Experience, New World Tiers, Changes in UI, Gameplay & More!

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Oct 26, 2016 02:43 AM EDT

With the recent release of the much anticipated 1.4 update for "The Division," the Ubisoft massive multiplayer online third-person shooter has seen changes that have shaken the game to its very core. Ubisoft made a ton of adjustments to the game which includes changes in gameplay, weapon and armor balancing, and much more.

According to IGN, one of the major updates that patch 1.4 brings to "The Division" is the inclusion of new World Tiers. Depending on the level of the player and gear score rewards, these world tiers drop loot for players as a reward for their skill and experience. Skill bonuses for weapons, armor, items, and gear have been completely removed from the game. Instead, the patch will make much more use of performance mods in the form of equipment accessories such as backpacks and kneepads.

The player user-interface in "The Division" will also see some adjustments in hopes to make the experience easier for the player to navigate through menus. Gameplay changes will include revisions in enemy NPCs, numerous improvements to the enemy AI and a percentage boost in ammo capacity post level 30.

As reported by Forbes, one of the major changes in "The Division" that many players will celebrate is the tweak tier-related gear sets. Gear will now be correlated to a select few tiers and, more notably, players will now be able to pick up and find much more loot than before, no matter what they do. Another big change is the ability to customize a world tier's difficulty after achieving max level.

Finally, players who do not shy away from a grind-type play style will be rewarded for their efforts in the form improved vendors. These vendors will now have quality loot in stock for the player to purchase and if players simply cannot get enough of "The Division," leveling past 30 will allow them to unlock bonus loot crates with even more experience points. A full listing of the patch notes can be seen on the official website for "The Division" here.

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