‘Xbox Scorpio’ Release Date, News & Update: Most Powerful Console Ever Made? Development Ahead Of Schedule So Far

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 26, 2016 06:59 AM EDT

A lot of console gamers have taken their attention to the Xbox Scorpio and have been anticipating it for some time now. Recently, a lot of sources and official information surfaced, revealing more about Microsoft's next moves in the gaming industry. Xbox big boss Phil Spencer revealed that after attending a day-long meeting for the console this week, he is optimistic about the company's ability to have it out on schedule by the next holiday.

GameSpot reports that excited fans have been asking Spencer questions on Twitter regarding tidbits and details on Xbox Scorpio, and he has been warm enough to accommodate a lot of them. When asked if Xbox Scorpio could be released earlier than expected, Spencer replied that they are making amazing progress and that he feels good about the schedule.

Spencer's revelations about Project Scorpio's progress follow through from where he took off last month when he told GameSpot about how the Xbox Scorpio and its development is falling into place. He revealed that things are going really well and that Microsoft is even in fact a little ahead of plan when referring to the hardware timelines.

Spencer adds that they have a lot of time and that they feel good about how things are coming together. He also says that the team understands the performance aspect that they are building for the Xbox Scorpio and that they went through some of the high-level specs at E3.

This gives the teams time to make sure that they are targeting performance for the games that will be released for Xbox Scorpio and, luckily, many of their partners are also building for the PC. WinBeta reports that Spencer has been very open about the console's evolution and where progress is and, so far, it has all been positive since the E3 2016 announcement.

The main purpose of the reveal was actually to let developers get ready for the hardware and code the games in time so that when the launch date comes, there will be a few titles that could already be supported. Microsoft earlier described the Xbox Scorpio as the "most powerful console ever made" and whether or not that will hold true will be known to players once this hyped device gets its release.

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