'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: 'FastPokeMap' Disabled Again By Niantic; Will The Tracker Be Fully Functional?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Oct 27, 2016 07:30 AM EDT

After its relaunch last Sunday, The "Pokemon Go" tracker FastPokeMap stops scanning again for Pokemons. The developers of FastPokeMap announced that Niantic has released their latest security measures against the real-time Pokemon tracker.

The "Pokemon Go" developer reacted to FastPokeMap penetrating their servers again. They released a new unspecified security measures that forces FastPokeMap to shut down within the next few hours.

"Pokemon Go" developer, Niantic has made the captcha more aggressive phrohibitng FastPokeMap's scanner accounts more frequently. The creator of the third-party tracker is confident to find a solution against the Captcha and the accounts getting banned.

Technically, FastPokeMap's service is still operating at 20 percent. According to I4U News the developers said that it would take them two to three days to make adjustments to be able to make the service fully functional at 100% for the "Pokemon Go" players..

The" Pokemon Go" third party tracker's developers, apparently knows how to circumvent the new security measure. The developers also teased IV's and move sets of the Pokemon displayed in the map.

The 0.43.3 version of FastPokeMap was forced by the "Pokemon Go" developers to shutdown to protect the player's accounts. The FastPokeMap developers have already reverse engineered 0.43.x however the need more time to implement the changes.

Google's SafetyNet is used to block the "Pokemon Go" app from running on a rooted Andriod. A heavily guarded encryption tries to make sure that the app can only communicate with "Pokemon Go" servers. If a server detects suspicious behaviors the captcha will immediately appear that can be resolved by a real user.

FastPokeMap creator said in an interview with Discord that Niantic is trying to shut them down really hard and they would only stop if the "Pokemon Go" developers would offer an official Pokemon tracker.

The decision of an entire shut-down of the tracker is not clear yet. The "Pokemon Go" third party app is possible to work again this coming weekend. Meanwhile, the FastPokeMap will keep on running at a 20% functionality until fully fixed.

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