'The Hangover 4' Release Date, Cast, Latest News & Update: Cast Reunited For 2018 Movie? Zach Galifianakis' Character, Alan, Takes Center Stage?

By LA Zamora , Updated Oct 28, 2016 07:54 AM EDT

The adventures, or misadventures, of Doug, Phil, Alan, Stu and Mr. Chow have made "The Hangover" movie franchise successful and well-applauded all over the world. The mix of comical yet realistic scenes and punchlines, as well as the combination of the characters' personalities are all responsible for the fans' clamor for "The Hangover 4."

'The Hangover 4' - Is It Finally Happening?

Fans were initially made to believe that "The Hangover 3" will be the last movie for the franchise. However, a movie poster for "The Hangover 4" circulated and eventually went viral online, giving the fans a glimmer of hope to see Phil and the gang on the big screen once again.

The alleged "The Hangover 4" movie poster features Phil, Mr. Chow, Stu and Alan. The words "wolf pack never dies" appeared to be the tag line for the movie poster.

Fans were freaking out and were very excited for "The Hangover 4" because of the very realistic poster. There were even fan theories that "The Hangover" 4 will center on Alan this time, taking the hint from the alleged movie poster, which showed Stu's brother-in-law "leading" the wolf-pack.

'The Hangover 4' Cast Reunion

When Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug come together, it seems like they always end up getting in trouble in the pursuit of having a good time. Although the fans are eagerly waiting for "The Hangover 4" updates and further details, it appears that the aforementioned movie poster was just a hoax.

Reports say that Bradley Cooper, who plays Phil in "The Hangover" franchise, said that the franchise ends on the third installment. The "Limitless" actor is currently busy with his own projects, with the "Limitless" season 2 TV series reportedly on top of the list.

Zach Galifianakis, who plays Alan in "The Hangover" movies, is part of "The Lego Batman" movie, set to be released on February 2017. Do you think there's still hope for "The Hangover 4" movie? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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